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Your Georgia Math Solution

100% aligned to Georgia's K-12 Mathematic Standards

Big Ideas Learning is eager to put down roots in The Peach State with a focused, rigorous, and comprehensive K-12 math program. This math series empowers Georgia educators and ignites student learning from kindergarten through high school (K-12).

Your Georgia Math Solution

Introducing Georgia Math by Big Ideas Learning

Written by an expert authorship team, Georgia Math provides a cohesive, coherent, and rich mathematics curriculum that encourages students to become strategic thinkers and problem solvers.

Your Georgia Math Solution

Georgia Math embraces Dr. John Hattie’s Visible Learning Research

Learning Targets and Success Criteria consistently provide a framework to help students and teachers understand the purpose and intention of each lesson and a means of assessing student learning.

Georgia Math

AVAILABLE NOW > Student Edition samples of Grades K-8, Algebra, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra.

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