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Your Georgia Math Solution

Introducing Georgia's K-12 Mathematics Standards

Big Ideas Learning is eager to put down roots in The Peach State with a focused, rigorous, and comprehensive K-12 math program. This math series empowers Georgia educators and ignites student learning from kindergarten through high school (K-12).

Your Georgia Math Solution

Georgia Math embraces Dr. John Hattie’s Visible Learning Research

Learning Targets and Success Criteria consistently provide a framework to help students and teachers understand the purpose and intention of each lesson and a means of assessing student learning.

Your Georgia Math Solution

100% Aligned to the Georgia's K-12 Mathematics Standards

Georgia Math provides a cohesive, coherent, and rich mathematics curriculum that encourages students to become strategic thinkers and problem solvers.

Understanding Georgia's K-12 Standards for Mathematical Practice

Big Ideas Learning is helping teachers and students understand Georgia's K-12 Standards for Mathematical Practice with a FREE poster for your classroom.

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